PhenQ Side Effects

PhenQ is a revolutionary new over-the-counter diet pill with very few side effects. The supplement combines the effectiveness of a fat burner with that of an appetite suppressant, resulting in an extremely high rate of success. There are only a few PhenQ side effects, none of which are life threatening or long-term. Below is a list of PhenQ side effects, accompanied by the ingredient that is thought to cause them.

Change in stool consistency – Because PhenQ contains Capsaicin-1.12,which is a natural component of chili peppers, it may cause a noticeable change in bowel movements.

Dizziness – Capsaicin-1.12raises the temperature of your body, allowing for more effective fat burning, occasionally resulting in minor dizziness.

Sleep disorder – 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthinecontains caffeine, which can result in sleep problems for those who do not tolerate the drug well.

Increased blood pressure levels – The ingredient Sympathomimetic Amine results in the final two PhenQ side effects. It is generally used to treat low blood pressure and resulting heart attacks, so it may cause heightened blood pressure.

Increased heart rate – There is a small amount of caffeine contained in PhenQ, which can result in a rapid heartbeat for those who do not tolerate it well. Also, Sympathomimetic Amine will increase the production of Norepinephrin, which can cause the heart to beat faster than normal.

PhenQ side effects are reported very rarely and are generally minor when they occur. There is no risk of death or long-term side effects when using this popular weight loss supplement. There is no risk of withdrawal when you discontinue PhenQ. The most important factors that contribute to PhenQ side effects are how well your body can tolerate the fat burning ingredients, whether you are eating right, and whether you are overdosing. Other factors that determine whether you experience PhenQ side effects are your age, weight, and gender.

The recommended dosage for the PhenQ supplement is two pills per day. Often, those who report PhenQ side effects have taken three or more per day in an attempt to accelerate weight loss. Taking more than the maximum tolerated dose of this supplement will overpower the body’s tolerance of the ingredients, resulting in the discomfort of unwanted PhenQ side effects. If you are concerned about the possibility of PhenQ side effects, there are several things that you can do to reduce the likelihood:

Before starting use of PhenQ, consult your doctor. He will be more able to determine whether you will have a bad reaction to the ingredients.

Drink plenty of water (preferably purified). Drinking 1 glass of water per hour will help with stool inconsistency, raised blood pressure, and dizziness. To enable yourself to sleep through the night, stop drinking water 2 hours before bed.

Do not take more than the maximum dosage, as this significantly increases the chance of experiencing PhenQ side effects.

Consult your doctor with any adverse reactions that persist and/or cause you to feel uncomfortable.
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