Need Some Exercise Motivation?

My gym recently had a patrons challenge. Each patron can run on a treadmill, ride a stationary bike, use the elliptical, or use Jacobs Ladder for one hour each day during the 6 week challenge. Each piece of equipment is its own category. The person that has the most miles (or feet climbed for Jacobs Ladder) at the end of the challenge wins. Really consistency is key here and thats what the gym wants to promote. I did the bike last year and came in 2nd place (missing out by less than a mile!) but I had fun so I wanted to do it again this year.2016

I jumped on the challenge as soon as it started this year. Last year I got in a couple of weeks after it began. I put in miles daily and knew from the previous year what I was capable of. After a couple of weeks of feeling good and building my stamina to put in as many miles as I could in 60 minutes, I noticed that no one else had started biking yet. Well, another week goes by and still no one had joined the bike competition. I felt my motivation take a nose dive. I went from biking for an hour to just 30 minutes. After another week I went back to my normal workouts and just tacked on 20 minutes of riding a couple of days a week. WOW. I was killing it this time last year and now

With just a couple of weeks left in the challenge I decided to get right. The thought of a lack luster performance and easy first place had me down in the dumps. If Im going to do this I need to do it right. I put in some decent effort and by the end of the challenge I didnt feel like it was a complete waste. I never imagined I would feel so low about a first place win. I kept reminding myself that a win is a win and at least IĀ came aroundĀ and put in some work. Literally, showing up was half the battle for me. I actually encouraged another friend to join and she jumped on the Jacobs Ladder. Guess what? She came in first too. She actually got so motivated she started in on the elliptical and got second place! Yep, showing up was half the battle!

Its amazing how not having any competition really let me off the hook. It made me think back to my article about starting to run. You can check it out here. In it I encourage newbies for find a race and sign up. Just do it. It literally forces you to train and commit.

Have you ever found yourself in this type of situation? Starting off ready to kill it, then really not even caring? What made you lose motivation? Were you able to find it again?