How to Set Fitness Goals in 5 Steps

Its true when they say showing up is half the battle. But, once you start hitting the gym you need to have goals to guide you in your fitness journey. Everyones goals should be their own. You simply cant compare the beginning of your journey to the middle of someone elses. Heres the S.M.A.R.T. guide I use to help my clients when it comes to setting goals.

Specific- Your goals should be specific and free from vague interpretation. Just stating you want to lose weight isnt enough. Set a number 10, 15, 20 pounds. Remember theres more to life than weight though. You should make one of your goals to set a personal record in the gym, a heavy lift, a yoga pose, or a timed run on the treadmill might be some ideas you could use.

Measurable- How are you going to track your progress? You can use the scale or my favorite, non-scale victories (pants are loose, not out of breath on the stairs, happier!). If one of your goals is to lose weight I suggest you get taped and measured. If you are tracking your body fat and lean mass you could see improvements there without the scale even moving.

Actionable- So how are you going to reach this goal? You need to take action. If your goal is to lose weight you need to exercise 5 hours a week. Get a planner and make a commitment to your schedule. Trying to hit a PR? you should set mini goals and have a plan for training. You can have the best intentions of getting healthy, but if you dont take action itll never happen.

Realistic- Are your goals realistic? This means are you expecting to lose 100 pounds this month? Its not realistic. Youll set yourself up for heartache when it doesnt happen and that could lead to giving up on all your other goals. Be realistic, a healthy weight loss is 1 pound a week.

Same goes for your other goals. If you can barely get off the couch signing up for a crossfit competition next month might not be a realistic. These are definitely obtainable goals, but be realistic in your timeline.

Timeline- You can have a specific, realistic, actionable goal thats got you fired up, but you have to put a timeline on it. Losing 10 pounds and dropping body fat while increasing lean body mass by weight lifting and running is an awesome goal. Dont leave it open to happen sometime in the next year. Set a timeline, push for it to happen in 12 weeks. Having a deadline for a goal will help so much on those days when your motivation isnt very high. And hitting that goal on your timeline makes that victory taste so sweet!

Off you go, write a goal for yourself using this guide right now! Write it down. Place reminders around to help your stay on track. Tell your friends and family so theyll hold you accountable. You can do it, but you have to work for it! I hope this helps you get real about setting some goals, putting in the work, and coming out victorious! Leave a comment if you have any questions or send it in the Contact Me section.