How I Gained Weight

Almost every next person I meet whines about how they are getting fat or how hard they are trying to shed some extra pounds. There was a time when I used to feel quite jealous at those people for I had a totally different story to tell. At the age of 22 I was nearly six feet tall and weighed in at only 150 pounds. Being a male, this was quite embarrassing since there were girls who weighed more than me. I was in a serious need of some weight gaining diet.

As you can imagine, I looked pretty skinny. Most people thought I had some kind of syndrome or disease. I was unable to anyone’s attention in a positive way. While some mocked me, some presented their free advice to double the meals and weight gaining diet, but all that just made me paranoid. My confidence and self-esteem were so low that I became scared of social interactions and became a total introvert with a PS3 as my only friend.

What I Tried And Why It Didn’t Work?

Locking myself in the house was not working well for me. I started to eat a lot of things and turned towards the internet for help. I was glad to see that there was plenty of weight and muscle gaining advice available online. I was pretty impressed by those buffed up sun tanned hunks sharing their secrets.  So I decided to spend my savings on my looks and get my life back.

For the next month six month I spend nearly $3000 dollars on how to gain weight fast products, videos, ebooks and exercise equipment recommended by my virtual trainer. Sadly, none of that worked. The only change I felt was an ugly accumulation of fat around the abdomen.

Finally, I realized that those are all generic products and programs which may be effective in some cases but are probably unable to solve my problem. Here is what I learned after spending thousands of dollars.

Eating more will only help you gain fat and not muscle.

More reps and expensive supplements will rip you off your budget and time.

A program that works for one person may not work for another due to different body types and requirements.

Weight and muscle gaining advice on the internet and magazines is mostly BS.

The Somanabolic Solution

Just as I was about to give up all hope and return back to my video game world, a friend, who himself is a pretty muscular guy, suggest Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. Before investing my money, I decided to invest some time learning what exactly the product was about. Here are a few things I learned about the Somnabolic Muscle Maximizer.

Somnabolic Muscle Maximizer is not about eating more food but about consuming a proper diet and nutrients.

The definition of a right diet differs from person to person depending on the (somatotype) body type. Somnabolic Muscle Maximizer offers four different patented formulas for different body types.

An efficient weight gaining program must be customized according to your age, weight, height, Somatotype, metabolism rate and schedule.

The product promises 100% refund in case of unsatisfactory results.

I was pretty impressed and since I had nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try.

Did it Work?

In just one month after purchasing the system with all the bonuses offered in just $49, I felt my sleeves were tightening around my arms. The weight gaining diet was definitely working for me. It wasn’t merely my imagination; the change eventually became so prominent that people actually started to ask questions regarding my exercise routine and supplements. In just four months, heads were turning in awe and sometimes in jealousy.

Today, I tell people how I used to weigh 150 pounds a year ago and people laugh, taking it as a joke. I weigh a good 235 pounds; can lift double of what I used to lift a few months ago. I have a wonderful social life and a beautiful girlfriend. Not only do I feel healthy, I feel content, confident and happy. All thanks to the Somnabolic Muscle Maximiser.