I have not always been into fitness. For the people who know me, this is a total shocker, I know. Back in high school I played volleyball and soccer for one year, then danced ballet for a year, and thats about the extent of my childhood activities. After high school I gained a few pounds as most of us do, but my weight didnt really start to bother me until after I had children.

I was born and raised in the South. In 2005 I found myself in interior Alaska (nowhere near the big city of Anchorage) head over heels for a soldier. Ive been in Alaska ever since. When we were dating it was awesome. Hed get off shift work at 1 am and wed go ride our 4-wheelers in the midnight sun! It wasnt until we had children that things really changed for me. The winters here are absolutely terrible. Add in the fact that you need to stay inside because taking babies anywhere when its negative 20 outside is not a good idea. The darkness really started to affect me. I found myself loving being a mother, and then thats about it. Life was going nowhere fast.

A Season of Change

Needing a break from the harsh life of living in Alaska (and my husband was leaving for training), I went to visit my parents in Colorado for a couple of months. It was there that I came across a studio called Fit, Body, and Pole. I thought NO WAY. I immediately looked them up because I was probably just imagining it was a dance studio when really it was a plumbing company or something. I was right! I totally took the chicken way out and signed up online and didnt tell anyone was I was doing. I freaking LOVED it! After completing level 1, I could see how much upper body strength I was gaining and I loved that even more. The group of people I was in class with were awesome, most of them moms just like me. I had found what made me happy again, and it was centered around getting into shape. I started going to a gym because I wanted to get stronger to do all the crazy inversions. I made it all the way through level 4 before heading back home to Alaska.

Summer 2012
Profile shots are the worst
At my heaviest
My first inversion
Feeling strong at the pole studio
Getting certified to teach PiYo
Trying not to mess up, or throw up!
Climbing the silks
Using the upper body strength from pole to work the silks
Running my first 10K in Hawaii with my bestie!
5K with my honey
First half marathon with my best friends!

Getting Serious

With no pole studio in Alaska, I started to venture around the gym a little more. I really liked using all the different equipment and found that regular weight training was making the weight come off faster and giving me some shapely muscles. With a friend we started running 5Ks. And by running I mean jog/walk. I also started taking aerial silk classes, as well as other group fitness classes. Through the encouragement of the same friend I decided to get certified to teach PiYo. I loved experimenting with all these aspects of getting into shape so I decided to go a step further and LEARN about fitness. I became certified through ISSA as a Personal Trainer and a Special in Sports Nutrition. I also got my Group Fitness Instructor certification through AFAA.

What it really boils down to is that I found something that made it worth leaving the house. I knew that leaving my kids at home to go work on myself in a healthy way (not shopping and spending money I didnt have, or going out drinking with friends) was a good thing. And it truly makes me happy. Im constantly learning and I love that. Ive found that I love teaching others about my passion even more. I hope by sharing what Ive learned that fitness just might be the thing that gets you going and makes you happy.